Jenn and I are both veterinarians practicing in Wilmington, DE and living in Oxford, PA. Jenn has a passion for lampwork bead making and hand-making jewelry, mosaics and copper art.  Until now this has only been available to friends and family.  I have always had a passion for farming, raising sheep, chickens and various other livestock over the years.  I am now getting into beekeeping to produce honey and bees.  We have now decided to make these passions into a business.  We will have hand-made glass beads and jewelry, glass and copper art, pasture raised lamb, cage-free brown eggs, laying hens, Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats, local raw honey and eventually bees for sale.  This year we have also added rare Ayam Cemani chickens and the cutest sheep in the world, Valias Blacknose sheep.  Welcome to Honey Glass Farm.