First came the chickens. (The eggs came later)

I worked on farms through college and veterinary school (beef cattle, hay and row crops).  When I graduated veterinary school, we moved off the farm while Jenn finished school.  When we moved to Pennsylvania, a large farm was not financially possible.  We found a large lot in a rural area and that is where we settled and stayed.  Being a farmer at heart, we needed livestock.  The chicken coop was built and the chicks were bought.  I could pretend I was a farmer with my large garden and fresh eggs.

About nine years ago I bought my first Border Collie.  A  neighbor let me put sheep on their property and I got a little closer to being a real farmer.  I currently have three Border Collies that we use to work the sheep and go to Sheepdog Trials.  I have really enjoyed the Sheepdog Trials and the great people I have met through them.  Border Collies are really cool dogs.

We have continued to add to our little farm.  We now raise two pigs a year for a pig roast and the freezer.  We raise a steer each year and last year we added the dairy goats.  This spring we added the bee hives and now we have decided to expand this into a business.  Jenn has her beautiful handmade glass beads and jewelry and I have the farm products.  We hope you enjoy what we are now providing.  We appreciate the support.

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